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Definitely recommended. The best alien abduction film since Fire in the Sky. We need more movies like this and less like The Fourth Kind in this subgenre. Now Dark Skies wasn't perfect, but so few alien films are even decent so I'm just happy. This film has a good slow burn suspense feel with some effective jolts thrown in the mix. The actors were all effective and the story treated alien abuduction seriously, like what would happen in the real world if a family was going through this, how would the people it's happening to and the people around them react. But there were a few negatives. A go nowhere subplot (CPS), obvious CGI on the aliens (at least they were kept in shadow the entire time), and a lackluster attempt at a twist ending (didn't we already know all the info that the character is shocked to discover?). But even with those complaints, its an easy recommendation for me.
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