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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
This. I watched The Nest BD last night. The first half of the film is definitely drab but it certainly picks up towards the middle with some great effects. However, the Queen Cockroach didn't look as good as I had remembered it...that whole ending seemed a lot more colorful too. I guess that's primarily due to watching it so many years on VHS...its jump onto HD was pretty jarring for someone not used to the film looking that way. Lisa langlois is totally cute in the flick too. And Ticks may have Carlton, but The Nest has Homer!
Bummer about the end scene. I remember it looking pretty good effects wise. Can't say I remember it being colorful though.
Originally Posted by meljon View Post
I've seen my copy of The Nest twice since tuesday and have only watched Ticks once since I got it. 80's over 90's always for me because Im old and it's the nostalgia factor. Also I'd love to have BUG(75) on bluray.
I'm only 21 and it's still 80's over 90's for me
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