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Twilight series - I have no interest in these but I'm not really their demographic so who cares what I think?

Pixar Films - I can't say I hate any of them, but I wasn't really too impressed with any of them either. Actually this applies to just about every CGI kids flick. I'll take stop motion any day of the week.

Hangover 1 and 2, Ted - These films weren't terrible, just not really that funny for all the hype they had.

Resident Evil series - I have only seen the first couple of these but they were pretty bad. Can't believe the series is not only still going but making decent money!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre series - I like these films, but I can't say I love any of them, not even the first film. Too much screaming, yelling, and torturing for my tastes.

Transformers series - Terrible Direction, scripts, and acting. I like mindless fun as much as the next guy, but you can't tell what's going on in these films due to the quick editing, and they have made way more money then they deserve.

Fast and Furious series - I don't hate these movies but I can't believe the series is still going and how much money they bring in!

Independence Day - Definitely doesn't hold up anymore. Will Smith is awful and it's way too patriotic for my tastes.

I Am Legend - Horrible CGI ruined this move.

Any musical - There are a few that I can stand, but for the most part I just can't get into musicals. It takes me out of the film when they stop and sing.

Obviously there are a few exceptions, but anything starring these popular actors is a huge turn off for me: Ashton Kutcher, Channing Tatum, Shia Labeouf, Russell Brand, Rob Schneider, Tyler Perry, Jaden Smith, Chris Kattan, as well as any rappers or wrestlers trying to act.
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