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I think what actually makes my collection special is the fact that I own very few movies or shows which couldn't be considered bad. Fargo is my classiest movie and it's sitting next to a few other fairly upscale flicks (Safe, Ghost World, Without You I'm Nothing, and The Last Supper, the one with Cameron Diaz). The rest is fairly out there. Except that my only Tarantino (Jackie Brown) is next to my only Lynch (Lost Highway) and, fittingly, Donnie Darko, Kalifornia, and Clay Pigeons. Oh, and Wonder Boys.

After that, it really is hard to tell what is or isn't considered bad anymore. Because... some movies which no one had any real problems with seem to fail to interest a lot of people now. Is Clueless not one of the best movies of the 90's? It's left off a lot of "high brow" lists (criminally). How has Death Becomes Her aged? (It certainly would last longer with a fuckin' WIDESCREEN ANAMORPHIC TRANSFER, Uni-fuckin'-versal, you ASSHOLES!) And, of course, some people just cringe when you even say the word "Disney." Has Harry Potter out-kids' adventure'd The Goonies? Is that lame now? Is Beetlejuice bad now because those fucking Christopher Nolan fans hate Burton's Batman movies that much? Is John Waters' Hairspray bad because the world embraced the remake so passionately? Oh, and... I think a lot of people are losing respect for Peter Weir but I think Cars That Ate Paris (which I don't own yet but, if it stays in-print just a year longer...) and Picnic at Hanging Rock are wonderful. Yet, David Lynch and - I can say this, right? - Brian De Palma's 70's and 80's output is mostly in the critical safe zone.

So, because reading minds is pointless since they change so much, I say fuck-it. I've got Heathers next to The Worst Witch. Repulsion's next to Barbarella. The Virgin Suicides is next to Girl, Interrupted. Starman's next to The Mask (Jim Carrey, which I can't bring myself to say I don't like). John Waters 1972-2000 (minus Cry-Baby because it's easily my least favorite of his movies) is sandwiched between The Brady Bunch movies & The Nanny, seasons 1 and 2 (which is an underrated least for the first couple seasons).

I'm a little embarrassed to admit I own movies which I keep for just a few scenes, though. And some movies I keep because they offend me deeply and I like to put them in and just absord the shock (Nine Months). I actually do own a surprising amount of movies...just for research (Mrs. Doubtfire, Batman Forever, Safe - which I hate, Red Eye, after that it gets hazy). If it's about a certain subject matter, I'll keep it just because it gives me ideas when I'm writing a story that may contain an element in the movie.

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