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you mean whats the connection? sorry, didn't mean to be vague. i just figured it was yet more common knowledge that i had just been late in discovering. Short story is: Sallone was initially going to make Beverly Hills Cop, and he wanted to make it dark and violent, which was reflected in the script he wrote for it. Eventually he left the production, and they turned it into a comedy with Eddie Murphy. Stallone made his BHC script with George P Cosmatos and it became Cobra. Turns out the script Stallone wrote was based on a novel called Fair Game. Which, of course, was eventually made into a movie of the same name with Baldwin and Crawford. So, as crazy as it seems, Cobra and Fair Game are adaptations of the same book. Which is why I'd love to watch them back to back, and see if I can spot any similarities. Because in my memory they have absolutely nothing in common.
Well both Cobra and Fair Game have a kind of "rogue-type" cop protecting a woman from a killer, eventually the couple gets separated from the rest of the police and are on the run... Obviously they are very different interpretations of the general plot.
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