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MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS and More from Vinegar Syndrome 4/9

Preorders now up for the April wave of Vinegar Syndrome titles!

Continuing to chart territory previously populated by Something Weird Video (whose mass market schedule has slowed to a crawl these days), new outfit Vinegar Syndrome unearth another rarity with Chester Fox & Alex Stevens' MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS (1972). A maniac is loose on the streets of Times Square -- one with a penchant for slaughtering NYC's finest massage girls! Can a pair of grungy detectives track down this madman before there's no one left to work out the knots? Featuring some great vintage 42nd St. footage and starring LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT's Sandra Peabody with comedian / monologist Brother Theodore in a small role, MURDERS has remained lost, unseen since the late '70s when it was reissued as MASSAGE PARLOR HOOKERS and promoted as a comedy! Vinegar Syndrome give the film its home video debut, transferred from its original camera negatives, complete with outtakes, trailers, and alternate credits. "If you've never been to a massage parlor, this is a visit you'll NEVER forget!"

Blu / DVD combo:
Promo Trailer:

ANATOMY OF A PSYCHO (1960) / THE LONELY SEX (1959) -- a double-bill of early psycho-roughies.
Promo Trailer:

THE SUCKERS (1972) / THE LOVE GARDEN (1971) -- a pair of sexploiters, including a roughie version of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME!
Promo Trailer:

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