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It's a good argument - but honestly, it's been several years since I saw it, and one of the things I remember the most is Karen facing off against the serial killer werewolf.

It can simply be a question of aesthetics - of whether or not the music, cinematography, editing, pacing and overall structure, etc. speak to you. For a long time, I couldn't work out why Romero's films didn't thrill me, because I understood their importance and artistic merrit. Why is Halloween a more powerful film for me than Dawn of the Dead, for instance? Both are landmark films. However, aesthetically they couldn't be more different. Dawn features a brightly lit climax, Halloween is darker. Halloween builds suspense with narrow, claustrophobic compositions, while Dawn favours wide, chaotic shots. Horror is an emotion, and, hence, subjective: What scares YOU? I hope I am making sense.
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