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Originally Posted by Kim Bruun View Post
I think The Howling is at its strongest when it's simply Dee Wallace and a serial killer in a sleazy video shop.
I really enjoy "The Howling", but it could have been a much darker and cooler picture if it had stayed in NYC with a werewolf twist on the old serial killer genre

Actually thatīs basically what Wes Cravenīs "Cursed" started out as, before they sadly fucked everything up by reshooting and changing the film.

The only problem I have with the ending in "Howling" is that she turns into a damn dog, instead of a scary werewolf, like everyone else did, but I guess here cuteness and innocence, or whatever, made here into a "nicer" werewolf
They also should have cut to the credits right after she got shot, for a more shocking effect, instead of making it silly with that cut to the resturant scene.
But itīs a Joe Dante film and supposed to be a dark comedy anyways
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