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Originally Posted by Steel76 View Post
I agree, but what most pissed me off about it, was how it killed off the old-school style of the Hong Kong cinema, that I truly love, and how people said it was so groundbreaking and new. For fuck sake, people, that kind of movies had been done for decades over in Hong Kong, only before that damn movie, the action was more entertaining and crazy and the pacing was way better, and there was usually no damn sappy love stories slowing things down. So, yeah, I hate "Crouching Tiger...", for changning the entire Hong Kong Cinema, from fast paced, bat crazy stunt actioneers, into what they mostly deliver today, with CGI filled and sappy period war dramas.


Im glad we at least have Donnie Yen who still can pull out some old school stuff from time to time. When Donnie, Sammo Hung, and Jackie Chan are gone, then we will probably never see anymore martial arts movies like that EVER again
I'm gonna disagree with you on both points.

I do like Crouching Tiger, for adding a little class to the kung-fu flick. Don't get me wrong, I like old-school Shaw Bros movies big time, and I will admit they're far more bad-ass than Crouching Tiger (in terms of the fight scenes), but sometimes the acting and repetitive storylines in those old movies becomes unbearable. And I never cared for the obviously fake sets that got re-used over and over again. Ang Lee took one of my favorite genres and actually put it in a fairly decent movie for once. In fact, my favorite sequence of CTHD had no fight scenese whatsoever; it was where Zhang Ziyi runs off chasing the bandit and eventually shacks up with him.

Where I will agree with you is on the skills of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung (and don't forget the criminally underused Yuen Biao), not just as actors but as DIRECTORS. I think they were the onese who really took the repetitive nature of kung-fu cinema to a new level with their films from the mid 80s to early 90s.

However, the genre was already dead when Ang Lee made CTHD, and it was not because of him. I think the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong in 1997 was a HUGE factor (HK no longer had the freedom to do whatever they wanted on screen), and it's also widely speculated that massive bootlegging of movies in that time period rendered the filmmaking industry in HK to be completely unprofitable.

You don't have to like CTHD, but I think you're blaming Ang Lee for stuff that was not his fault.
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