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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
Whispering Corridors: Voice - 6/10 - The two school girls give good performances. The premise is interesting enough, but the movie kind of drags along. There are a bunch of these "Whispering Corridor" movies out there. I imagine they are targeted at teens the way Twilight is for North Americans.
You just watched the weakest film in the Whispering Corridors series IMO.

I can imagine why you say this movie drags, but you have to remind that this type of horror is not made to appeal to western public. Korean movies like these tend to tell the story very slowly because they center their actions more on the drama and lightly on the terror.

I thing is way wrong that you assume that the Whispering Corridors series is targeted at teens the way Twilight is for North Americans because they center on teens suicide rate with a strong reference on many korean teen taboos.
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