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Originally Posted by Korngold View Post
Just curious is there any major difference between South Korean and Japanese horror? What I mean is that certain horror films from a country tend to have similar characteristics. i.e. American horror has a lot of boo scares, Italian horror tends to be less story driven and more atmospheric, Japanese horror tends to be more slow moving with crazy twists.

I have a tale of two sisters (need to finish it though) and seen the host so I was curious about style differences.
Korean horror tends to be more tragic. Actually, that's true of almost all Korean cinema. Hell, even their music videos. I like to say, "It's not a Korean movie until a main character dies". It's not uncommon for a movie to be an effort to save a character, and in the end, that character dies anyway. It keeps you on edge, as you never know which (if any) character will live to the end of the movie. But it can also be annoying. Like in a comedy and there's a crisis, I always think it's gonna end badly.
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