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Originally Posted by WesReviews View Post
I can't even imagine sitting through a two hour and forty minute director's cut of Boarding House.
Haha…awesome. Is that what he said in the video? I had my (cheap) speakers all the way up, and I still could barely hear what he was saying…my brain’s gonna be pouring out my nose!

I have Jesus’ releases of both Death Nurse films, and they are both pretty nice releases considering its another one man operation. Also considering the very low caliber films the two Death Nurse films are. I’m just so jealous he has the rights to BoardingHouse. He actually gets to hold the tape master in his hands…I mean Wintergate probably had his sleazy hands all over it too! Awesome. I wonder if there are still traces of Klassu’s cheap 80’s perfume still faintly lingering inside the cases. What a babe.
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