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Originally Posted by Demoni View Post
I can imagine why you say this movie drags, but you have to remind that this type of horror is not made to appeal to western public.
I'm from Korea you asshole!

Just kidding. But seriously, you said yourself it's the weakest in the series. I don't think you can conclude it's because it wasn't made for western audiences. When I was deciding which Whispering Corridors film to watch, it seemed like this one was favored for some reason.

And to answer the question about Korean vs Japanese, one thing I would point out is that I find that Korean horror movies stay within a formula which sometimes attempt to be clever to a fault. It seems like the directors don't know how to end the movie because they're trying too hard to lead up to a profound moment of realization. That is a big part of that "formula" I was referring to. Japanese horror is a little more varied but I would venture to say it arguably stays within the formula that Korean horror abides by for the most part.

Of course all of those points are based off what I've seen so maybe I'm only exposed to a small amount.
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