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Originally Posted by The Tall Man View Post

Can anyone explain how Code Red's numbering system works ? As you can see by my pic, the numbers have nothing to the with the order they were released in.

Also, I have only 12 Code Red DVD's, how many do you guys have ?
The letters under the main number are significant. He has a number of different "lines." The numbering of each line is its own thing. Each line's numbering should be more-or-less chronological per release date compared to others in the dame line, although, like any company, numbers get assigned and the releases don't always happen in the order they were assigned.

I'm guessing I've got a couple dozen CR titles (and have parted with a few that I didn't like) but it would depend on which you consider "true" CRs, since a few were released via Media Blasters. Would be handy to see a list.
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