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Originally Posted by msw7 View Post
I buy CDs all the time - but I buy a lot from bands/labels directly, and have to import quite a few. In a way you're right though - I have no use for a brick and mortar record store. I'd consider it if they stocked what I like, but I doubt that what I like is enough to keep them in business.
Same here. I still buy CD's and Vinyl. Screw lossy MP3 downloads that sound like crap...unless it's the only option. Most remaining record stores here stock all trendy garbage or inflate their prices (even the used stuff) so high that people have little choice but to seek merchandise elsewhere.

The only B&M store I like these days is Hastings, which have decent prices and sales promotions, and offer a large variation in what products they carry.

I just never see anything when I do go into other record stores anymore. And if they do actually get rare stuff in anymore, it's now marked up to ebay prices. B&M bargains are now much rarer to find. And many of the stores have done a lot of the damage themselves. Tower Records and Borders are two prime examples of how to kill your business. The internet is only a factor in the equation.
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