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Originally Posted by Zollman View Post
I scream this all day long.
Everything is ruined, and it'll onlyget worse.
There will be no stores- just Amazon.
The problem with physical stores is there are too many of them that sell EVERYTHING. What I mean is, there aren't many stores that concentrate on one or two products so one category of merchandise will always be shortchanged. For instance, Best Buy sells washing machines, cellphones and movies (among other things). But if it's movies you're going in for you're not going to find a Code Red title or even a major studio catalog release from barely a year ago because they only have room to stock the latest blockbusters. And now they're selling electric guitars and have little rooms set aside to display higher-end home theaters, which is fine, but you can only do so much with the space you've got. Then they have 85 copies of Green Hornet on DVD that nobody wants so there's even less space for anything smaller. What we need are movie-only superstores that stock everything that's supposed to come out when it comes out. There's nothing I enjoy more than browsing for movies in an actual store. But there are none.
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