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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
No, business just changes with the technology. It's like saying the automobile destroyed America because it put blacksmiths and horse traders out of work. The business just shifted, adding jobs like car repair, road construction, etc.

And it's the same today. Sure, maybe if you were a record store clerk, you're out of a job now. Instead, better get into the IT field.

I remember a couple of years ago there were two stores next to one another that I frequently visited. A Tower Records/Video and a Good Guys stereo/TV store. They both went tits up and were replaced by a Staples. But when you realize that most people watch their movies and listen to their music on their computers, it sort of makes sense.

These things just happen with technology. It's always been like this, and will continue to be. Change with the changing times or be left behind.
I think you're vastly over estimating the need for IT people in our society. What's happening now is like what happened to the US workforce when automation was introduced to manufacturing... only on steroids. A place like Amazon, unlike classical business models, really only needs a handful of low wage employees to do what they need to do. They don't have any real overhead to speak of, just a few warehouses. All of their profit goes right to the top and does very little to help the overall economy, but they're continuing to get a larger and larger share of business as they crowd other smaller companies out. Instead of having thousands of locally owned businesses nationwide employing hundreds of thousands of people which in turn buy goods and services and stimulate local economies, we have one Mega corporation that employs a few people in a warehouse one state over and doesn't do a single thing in keeping your town solvent. Yes, times change. But that doesn't always mean for the better. Without brick and mortar stores and showrooms there will be no way to test out products before purchasing them, but if everybody buys online brick and mortar stores can't stay in business. There is a ripple effect taking place and few people will truly realize how disastrous this will be until it's too late.
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