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Originally Posted by old-boo-radley View Post
I understand we all have a nostalgia for video rental stores and retail outlets, but Jesus... the net is why you can buy all these niche films we enjoy. It's the absolute greatest thing that could have ever happened to us. If I couldn't order online, no way would I have likely ever found half of the cool shit I have. Instead of having to go to the rental stores, I basically have a video store. With Netflix, everyone does. If we could have had this 25 years ago, we'd have taken it in a heartbeat.

What pisses me off is you go to a used video game store and they check Ebay listings for prices anyways, even for common shit. Doesn't really give much incentive to go there. Don't get me wrong, they have a right to a fair asking price, but as a customer you've got to give me a reason to go to your store.
I'm not just talking movies, I'm talking about everything. Want a blanket? Check Amazon. Leaf blower? Check Amazon. Can of beans? Hey, let's check out what amazon has for deals. It's one stop shopping. If you see something in a store you're interested in, you ask the clerk and maybe you'll get a boatload of information from him, with which you'll use your new knowledge to go to Amazon and buy it for cheaper. This of course does nothing to keep that business around as a future source of info or service, but hey, at least you just saved yourself a few bucks. Don't get me wrong, I do the same things as everybody else here but at least I know that this behavior is damaging in the long term.

(and btw, I'd consider not having to pay for shipping from ebay and having to wait a couple of weeks for delivery from some sketchy stranger justification enough to frequent a local retailer if he has the same product at around the same price.)

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