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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
I'm not just talking movies, I'm talking about everything. Want a blanket? Check Amazon. Leaf blower? Check Amazon. Can of beans? Hey, let's check out what amazon has for deals. It's one stop shopping. If you see something in a store you're interested in, you ask the clerk and maybe you'll get a boatload of information from him, with which you'll use your new knowledge to go to Amazon and buy it for cheaper. This of course does nothing to keep that business around as a future source of info or service, but hey, at least you just saved yourself a few bucks. Don't get me wrong, I do the same things as everybody else here but at least I know that this behavior is damaging in the long term.

(and btw, I'd consider not having to pay for shipping from ebay and having to wait a couple of weeks for delivery from some sketchy stranger justification enough to frequent a local retailer if he has the same product at around the same price.)
I understand what you're saying to an extent, don't get me wrong, it's just naturally people are going to buy stuff at the lowest price they can at the greatest of convenience. I also agree with the ethics of not just going to a store and draining the guy of knowledge and buying stuff cheaper elsewhere, but that happens all the time even in normal stores. There's a place here where I buy my beer kits from that I would support over a lower price alternative because if they stop selling them, I can't get them locally and the people there are really nice. But in terms of a leaf blower or blanket, it's either Amazon or a retail store chain, so you're just picking the lesser of two evils. But who the lesser of those evils is remains tough to solve. Retail stores don't carry the movies I like - Amazon does. And it is my belief only by outlets like Amazon or Deep Discount do these niche products exist because the market just wouldn't be big enough for them town by town. If the independent store has a fair price compared to the alternatives and good people working there, I think they can thrive. The problem is that courtesy from years gone by simply isn't there anymore, so people don't have loyalty.

This particular used game store is a couple hours away, my town is too small to have something like that, but they seem to charge the higher end BIN prices on Ebay from the sellers who just let shit rot on there. When I went there, I didn't even care if I got steals just so I could get stuff that I needed without having to check Ebay daily, but shit. USPS shipping to Canada has gotten so high that it would make certain items at the store a bit better of a deal now. I'd venture to say me giving another video gamer money to buy new games for himself, or if he's in a rough patch, to put food on the table that it's just as good if not better than supporting a mom & pop store. Especially since that indie (or any) store would pay $2 to someone for the rare game they're selling for $100 in the blink of an eye. I'm not saying I wouldn't do it myself. But just knowing the ways of the world, it's tough to feel sorry for them.

I get what you mean, though, I'm not busting your balls and I'm tending to look at it from the perspective of niche products rather than everything. But even if you put everything into the equation, I don't see what the difference is between buying a leaf blower online or in a store. Just because you buy something at the 7-11 down the street doesn't mean the person who owns the place is local and the profit is staying within the community. And without internet retailers, I don't think you have companies like Shriek Show, Code Red, you certainly don't have musicians selling their own music to the degree they can now or indie filmmakers getting their movies out there. The internet gives the people of Mudlick, Kentucky the same connectivity with the world, shopping, everything as people in New York City or even fuckin' Paris or Hong Kong. To me, that's borderline magic, not destruction.
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