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Maybrick is spot on in his assessment. Their are positives to the internet, but their are also negatives, and the negatives are quite great from an economic and jobs standpoint.

The internet isn't the main reason for the job crisis however, since it's been going on for decades. All thanks to businesses wanting to pay employees below a living wage and thus taking their manufacturing offshore to pay people a few cents a day and slave them away while making maximum profit and usually producing shoddier quality than in the past as a result.

The lack of a real manufacturing industry in the U.S. is what's really killing the job market. Since once everything from clothing, automobiles to electronics was produced in the U.S., which offered plenty of well paying job opportunities along with quality product. But since they all went overseas, that leaves us with less 'interesting' jobs and little pay, and the companies profit greatly, while we suffer greatly in the process.

In fact, if you've ever watched the show Shark Tank. It's really sad and offensive seeing the 'sharks' attack some of the entrepreneurs for wanting to actually produce products in the U.S. One guy had a product that only cost one dollar to produce and would retail for $15. But this wasn't good enough for a 'shark' who wanted it produced overseas for a few cents and make 'more' profit(even though it's only a few cents more in this case). He didn't care about putting anyone in the U.S. to work and actually helping the job market and economy. And it's the attitudes of the 'sharks' that are really killing the job market in the U.S. since their isn't really much out their like their used to be.
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