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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
Do I think the Internet is "destroying America"? No.

But regarding movies and the horror genre, I do kind of miss the hunt. Everything is just so accessible now, some of the fun is gone.
I will wholly agree and sympathize with this sentiment. Most my hobbies have been about collecting things, be it music, books, games, what-not. And it's been really shocking how much I miss that now that the Internet has made it so easy. I used to travel a lot, and one of my favorite perks about that was being able to go to little, obscure record and book stores to see what I could find.

And, I've equally been aware of how much of my "social currency" was owning things that were hard for others to get access to. In my youth, I was one of the guys that always had access to the "weird" stuff. So people coming over to watch some bizarre movie or listen to some out-there music was pretty common. But, now that all I have to do is send people a link or email them a file, it's really put a bit of a notch in my social life. Now, I have to survive on personality alone. And, man, is that a burden.
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