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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
I pre-ordered Hey Dude: Season 4 at the end of last month, since it's a gotta have for me. I just hope they'll also release the final Season 5 to complete the circle.
I guess I'll have to keep my eye out for a sale, but they seem to be rare on their site. Kind of sucks.

Also, I'm kind of worried they're gonna pull this crap with Rocko's Modern Life: Season 4. I already bought season 1 - 3, and they just released the complete series set, but we're still waiting on season 4. If they do that, I'll probably end up buying the complete series set, which sucks because I've been buying the seasons from the get-go. Kind of a cheat to the real fans, not the ones who waited and lucked out.
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