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America could definitely use a Bart-Simpson-in-Australia style public-humiliation flogging. One they can't weasel out of.

Originally Posted by 17thJuggalo View Post
- Watch thousands of films instantly
Gotta bitch about this one just a little; have you seen the shit that's on Netflix: Watch Instant? Cruise the Horror section now and compare the classic films versus the out of control glut of direct-to-video crap that is literally responsible for having killed the genre and reducing its' value as an artform. I know I'm a member of the service because, frankly, I want to give movies that actually try to be good a chance. And, my list of movies I want to watch yet aren't on NF far outnumbers my Queue. However, so far, I can't complain about other genres. Except- where the fuck is stuff like Bikini Carwash Company, Spring Break Sorority Babes, etc? You'd think, unless NF is pruding out, this kind of shit would be everywhere. Cinemax had that stuff by the truckload in the 90's. Oh- NF's got trash. But it's all American Pie rip-offs... I want to watch nostalgic DTV trash. So far, all I've found is Miracle Beach. People are willing to watch new garbage for boobs, but 90's garbage isn't up to their standards? How trendy have things become when even softcore sex comedy collectors have turned into snobs?

But, yeah- there are a ton of tiny little 90's thrillers and ultra-indie satires and oddball comedies starring people you've never heard of. Though it really pisses me off that studios are still sitting on so many movies and considering them too good / profitable / whatever for NF. If I watched 5 movies a day, I could clear out my entire queue in half a year. What would they give me to fill it up again? I don't see much. If anything, they clear movies too fast for me to get to them all. So, I lose more than I get to watch. Again- less available on the actual site than I want there to be.

Originally Posted by 17thJuggalo View Post
- Get any film you want at your door step in physical form (no matter where you are) in two days or less
Well, except for all those Vaulted Disney flicks and cartoon collections.

And a good deal of out-of-print stuff.
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