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I'm a bit behind here and just want to comment on your first list, #80-61. Great write ups, I too love this show and have been going through the Seasons, many episodes I'm viewing for the first time. I am currently at the beginning of Season 6, and so far I haven't liked any of the episodes. Hopefully it gets better, although from your writes ups maybe it doesn't. Season 2 was where this show really peaked. From then on each Season had said great episodes but they were in between a lot of average to bad episodes. The fun is really going through them all though and finding the gems.

I agree with these episodes all being near the bottom and not so great. I thought Carrion Death, Well Cooked Hams, Whirpool, Skin Deep and Half Way Horrible Only were really bad with Food for Thought and King of the Road being my least favourite episodes.

The few exceptions in your list, I actually remember liking The Ventriloquists Dummy as well to a lesser extent Strung Along, which had a lot of problems but was better then some of the others on your list.

Now on to read your #60-41.
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