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Everyone relies on convenience today. It's just the direction technology is taking us. No one wants to carry around a big walkman with a 5 pound book of CD's, they also don't seem to want to waste time walking around a video store when they can rent things from home or spend 2 minutes in front of a redbox. No kids are sitting by the radio waiting/anticipating to hear "that one new song" so they can record it to their tape. Sadly, those days are long gone as is their patience.

Internet isn't really to blame, the internet is a wonderful thing, it's brought all of us together, how many of you can say that you had 15 people to discuss horror movies with in your actual day to day life outside of the internet. I'm sure some of you can say that you could, I can't though, when I go off on a film tangent around my friend some laugh, the others just kind of look at me weird.

My only one complaint about the internet is that it's made almost EVERYONE a hardcore critic. It seems people have forgotten how to sit back and enjoy something. Now they'd rather pick it apart and point out every single flaw. Now I'm not saying that every single movie is perfect and doesn't deserve some criticism, but there's a difference in that compared to what a lot of people do now, which is tear something down along with everyone that enjoys it.

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