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Watching this now and wow...not good, just can't understand why it's so damn hard to make a good Bigfoot film. It seems you would follow the standard slasher archetype and substitute a hairy primate. Don't get me wrong this started off promising with a scene reminiscent of He Knows You're Alone and a pretty nifty Sasquatch attack, but then devolved into the standard cliches that plague all these films, i.e. town drunk, moronic sheriff, equally moronic renegade/vigilante Bigfoot hunters and dumb teens.
Hard to believe this was a step down for Reb Brown, the man who made a name for himself playing Elmo on Three's Company and Yor, The Hunter From The Future. Maybe they can do a Yor vs. Sasquatch film at some point? LOL.
As it stands Abominable and Night of the Demon remain my top Bigfoot films.
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