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Jeff Burr's NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (1995) from Olive Films 4/30

Hot on the heels of TICKS and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2, Olive Films attempt to prove not all '90s horror flicks were nigh unwatchable with their release of Jeff Burr's NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (1995). A few hundred years after being crucified and torched by religious zealots, a warlock's spirit inhabits a scarecrow and seeks appropriately straw and corn-themed revenge against their descendants, all the while attempting to retrieve a magic book that'll enable him to return to fleshy form. [/run-on-sentence] While certainly not some unheralded classic, the film (which I probably haven't watched since, well... 1995) manages to rise above the majority of dreck from that horrible decade with some imaginative bloodshed and fun casting, including '70s fave Bruce Glover, 2001's Gary Lockwood and Hammer gal Martine Beswick. No word yet on extras, if any.



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