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Joe Dante's THE HOWLING (1981) from Shout Factory 6/18

The Greatest Werewolf Movie of All Time goes hi-def when Scream Factory bring Joe Dante's THE HOWLING (1981) to blu ray! After a traumatic assault from serial killer Eddie Quist, L.A. news reporter Karen White is sent to The Colony, a relaxation retreat designed to aid her recovery. However, there's more than meets the eye at this peaceful getaway, and her husband being seduced by a lusty lycanthrope is only the beginning of her problems. Fur flies, limbs are chopped, and Eddie may not be dead after all... In parts darkly comedic then intensely frightening, with imposing creature design from FX legend Rob Bottin, THE HOWLING remains a supremely effective horror romp thanks to Dante's spot-on direction of John Sayles' intelligent script. Seriously one of the best. Plus, it's got Atkins.

Designated a "Collector's Edition" by Shout Factory, I imagine this will port over all the extras from the prior MGM disc along with some new goodies -- let's hope they finally give us the supplements from the Image Laserdisc that didn't make the cut on the last DVD!



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