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Sam Firstenberg's NINJA III: THE DOMINATION (1984) from Shout Factory 6/11

Well, *this* was unexpected -- Shout Factory give a blu release to Sam Firstenberg's NINJA III: THE DOMINATION (1984)! It's just your typical tale of an aerobics instructor possessed by the evil spirit of a dying ninja, shot down by police after a golf course assassination. She's now programmed to track and kill his enemies, including the cops who blasted him in the first place. It's up to Sho Kosugi, import ninja, to stop her. Yet another out-of-control '80s Cannon classic, NINJA III has everything you'd every want in a movie: a hairy-backed dude who removes his shirt as often as possible, gratuitous use of V-8 in a sexual manner, flying satanic swords on strings, and, of course, some serious f'n ninja-ing. Top Ten stuff, here -- I can't preorder this fast enough.

DVD / Blu combo:


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