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Originally Posted by MaxRenn View Post
The Pyx deserves to be more widely known. It is an excellent movie whose unusual structure works in its favor as the film builds to its conclusion. It features good work by Black and Plummer and I am really looking forward to a widescreen DVD as I have only seen it on a poor quality VHS.

Nothing But the Night is not as good but is worth a look for Cushing and Lee fans and there is also a good part for Diana Dors.
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I got THE PYX last night. DVDPacific has been really good about getting these to me on or before the release date even with standard shipping.

Calling THE PYX a horror film is a stretch. There is nothing even remotely horror until the final 10 minutes and even that is very tame. Its really a murder mystery type thriller. Most of the screen time is police investigation and Karen Black dealing with addiction. It’s overly long and too many scenes really drag. The structure of the film and some good performances are the only thing that allowed me to finish it. The finale was nothing special. Its really forgettable and Katrina’s skit added nothing. I dig Karen Black so I might give the commentary track a spin.
(Quotes included just for context)

I received Nothing but the Night and The Pyx for christmas, and got around to watching them recently. Nothing but the Night was a little dull, but worth watching for the two leads. Curious about Lee's failed attempt at his own production company, and I definitely understand the comparisons to The Wicker Man. I don't imagine it will be one I watch very often, but I'm glad to have it nonetheless. Cushing and Lee are pure class, regardless of the material.

The Pyx I just watched last night, and I really enjoyed it. The story was fairly standard - people are right to label it a thiller, but that's ok. they just don't make movies like this anymore, what with the dozens of CSI-clones on tv. but the story wasn't the draw for me. The nonlinear structure was great, and the cinematography and performances by Black and Plummer were very engaging. I loved the style in which it was filmed. For instance, when Plummer and Black's gay friend are walking through Montreal, or when Black and the same friend are being followed by the black car, the camera watches the action through a blur of traffic, frequently obscured for long periods of time by a passing bus or something else, all of which is either muted or completely silent, and the characters seem so distant and alone. its very sombre. Many scenes play out with characters moving slowly from one room to another, saying nothing. It also has a great score, the highlights of which are the songs by Karen Black. I think its three songs in total, and they're incredibly haunting. It really worked for me. It was a great film-watching experience for me, based totally on the atmosphere that was generated, not really the story at all.

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