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Both The Nest and the Terrorvision/Video Dead have arrived at my local HMV.
I picked up the Terrorvision/Video Dead combo for $19.99, Terrorvision is a weird and eclectic film but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I loved how it played on eighties stereotypes, as mentioned in the accompanying documentary, and there was something endearing about the cinematography and lighting. The cartoonish lighting in some scenes reminded me of the comic book aspect of the Creepshow film.
Diane Franklin was quite entertaining in her role, and it was nice to see her in something lighthearted-I had watched Amityville II: The Possession the day before.
It's also near impossible to get the Terrorvision theme song out of my head now.
I have not watched the Video Dead, and I'm quite apprehensive after all the negativity I have read surrounding it, but Terrorvision was well worth it.
Nice Blu-Ray as well.
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