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Originally Posted by fceurich39 View Post
this is really ridiculous 6 days and still no actual gameplay videos or anything i have been on youtube and google and that vg247 article is the only the new info!
Yeah, I agree. It's a suspicious tactic. I'm hoping it has some purpose though.

I kind of understand why Activision might not want to show it's hand.

I think the video game media has actually gotten out of control lately. There is a ton of websites out there that cover and review games and they're becoming more and more obnoxious. There are ridiculous articles published about nonsense like how a guitar chord overhead in a game trailer can have negative connotations because it sounds too "western". Likewise, reviewers justify unwarranted low scores because some hipster thought a game, "lacks a je ne sais quoi?" There's no responsibility to be objective and no accountability in failing to do so. And it's a shame because it can really sway sales.

EDIT: Furthermore, it's hardly debatable anymore that some of these websites are influenced by ad sales. Walking Dead, as far as I know, hasn't bought any.

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