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Originally Posted by chrismac87 View Post
What they were watching was and is the final product. DEMONS 2 is a very brightly lit film, the HD version brings that out a lot more than it should. You have to remember, these masters were done by Paramount, they weren't concerned with preserving atmosphere or anything like that - just bringing the best looking transfer out that they can.

There should have been some input by the DOP on this after they stated it was far too bright - some scenes look like they were shot during the day!

The first film is a bit darker in the new HD transfer with a slight blue hue over the night time scenes and it makes a huge difference over the bright transfer on the AB disc. It definitely gives the film a much creepier feel and look so it's obvious any of these films being a tad on the dark side certainly adds to them rather than retracts. Sure you loose some detail, but these films mostly take place at night in a house with no power and nothing but the moon flooding light in, being dark makes sense.
Thanks for the info.

I agree the DOP should have been consulted on it but I can't really complain myself since I think it looks really good.
+6 trader.
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