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Originally Posted by chancetx View Post
With the "Carrie" remake coming later this year, some company would be wise to give this a DVD release. Scorpion? Code Red? VCI? Anyone know who owns the rights?
I'd love to see that, and you're right, the timing would be perfect. Obviously it takes a lot of time to get a release together, but considering Lisa Pelikan has spoken about the film before I'm sure she could be got to do some extras. The director was a prominent animator for Disney for over a decade back in the 40s and 50s, and the writer/producer did his share of producing for Bakshi's animated films in the 70s too, so both I'm sure would have some stories that some close to them might be able to pass on through the DVD. Something on Bert Convy and his rise to popular game show host would be cool too. John Gavin of PSYCHO fame is still kicking it, why not try to sit down with him?

JENNIFER is better-made than most horror films of its time, it really deserves some better distribution so people can give it a look.
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