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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
I still don't know understand why Hatchet for a Honeymoon was brought up. Was it because it explored all those issues before Maniac? So what? you remember a little film called Psycho? Is it because Hatchet for a Honeymoon was better at exploring those issues? Well that's pretty obvious, hence my Batman Begins/Toxic Avenger analogy.

I don't think anybody here is claiming Maniac to be an original idea or some sort of stroke of genius horror film.
Not claiming it did it first and is therefore "more original" just that it served as a precedent, just as Psycho and Peeping Tom would serve as precedents for Hatchet. But, I do that in terms of storytelling and exploration the two can be compared. I'm not talking about who had more money or access to better actors, I'm merely talking about just the plot or the script. And, I think that is a reasonable comparison.

But, I think I am confused by what your point is. Mine was that I think there is room for improvement with Maniac. There were a lot of rough patches and it's a bit of sloppy storytelling. And I think Peeping Tom and Hatchet were examples of how a similar story can be told well. And, because of that, I am looking forward to the remake.

And, I really can't tell if you disagree.

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