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Originally Posted by shape22 View Post
Aside from the lack of a musical score, Frankenstein is pretty close to perfect too. Too bad that Frederick Kerr's terrible work as Baron Frankenstein brings several sequences to a dead stop.
He seems fairly accurate of a certain type of grandfather and so for me he never really stood out. His personality is also great justification for moving certain plot points along.

Frankenstein has a lot of great little comedy moments, I think Fritz pulling up his sock on the stairwell is a favorite of mine. Also when he takes the lid of the brain jar before stealing it. There's a lot of weird little things like that in there that work well even today.

Dwight Frye is really great in Dracula too. His laugh is so singular. Browning's Dracula is too easily cast aside. The ensemble cast is quite excellent. Admittedly I'm not sure it would make my top 5 Universals but there's something more to it then people are willing to admit.

For me though Chaney's hard luck act really wears thin like in The Wolfman. Most of the time he's playing the kind of jerk I'd walk an extra mile around to try and avoid. But when he does the kind of performance like in Spider Baby I really do feel for him.
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