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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
He seems fairly accurate of a certain type of grandfather and so for me he never really stood out.

For me though Chaney's hard luck act really wears thin like in The Wolfman. Most of the time he's playing the kind of jerk I'd walk an extra mile around to try and avoid.
He does seem accurate as a grandfather. But he's supposed to be Henry's FATHER. For me that strains belief more than the more fantastic elements of the story. Picture how much less affecting the father/son dynamic in The Wolf Man would be if Kerr was cast instead of Raines.

I understand how you feel about Chaney. Larry Talbot becomes pretty insufferable in the sequels. I still think he's on the right side of sympathetic in the original. It's a difficult role--far more demanding than the leads in most of these films. I think it's a damn fine performance.
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