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OK, first of all, one great thing about LD: NO REGIONS!! If you have a laserdisc, and a laserdisc player, it will play. Doesn't matter where the disc came from.

Now, if you're only going to be ripping the content of the LD, you have a little more leeway. You can buy a single sided player (when the disc gets to the end, 30 minutes for a "CAV" disc, 60 for a "CLV" disc, you have to manually turn the disc over. AKA, "flippers". All LDs are flippers if you have a single sided player.

If you're going to be integrating it into your home theater and actually watching the movies, you'll want a double sided player. This one automatically plays the other side of the disc, and you'll only have to get up if there's a disc change.

Stick with Pioneer players. Look for a CLD-Dxxx, or CLD-Sxxx if you only want a single sided player ("D" and "S" are for Double or Single sided player). The "xxx" will be a 3 digit number. Higher the number, better the player. I use a CLD-D704, one of the best players made short of the "Elite" line (which is a whole new ball game, but a lot more $$$). A 502, or 406 will suit you fine.

Finally, MAKE SURE IT HAS A REMOTE! If you're going to access commentary tracks, you have to change from the digital soundtrack to the analog, and that's a function specific to LD. You won't find it on any universal remotes.

If you find some players that interest you, post 'em here and we can comment on 'em.
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