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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
My favourites are definitely And All Through the House and Television Terror.
Well, again my personal favorites are scattered throughout. I chose this list according to which I think were the best according to what the show did best. Which episodes were the best at showing human heartlessness ("Yellow," "Two for the Show," "Dead Right"), were the most multi-layered ("Judy"), the most creepy ("Top Billing," "What's Cookin'"), the darkest ("Three's a Crowd"), freakiest ("Hearses"), or best at capturing pure insanity on film ("Maniac at Large"). Most people probably would have gone right for "All Through" and "Television Terror" but, all things considered, they weren't the essence of the show. The closer you look, neither one involves a potent, functioning betrayal or dark turn of humanity. Or, let alone a twist, even a genuine surprise. At any point during either episode.

Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
I liked most of your picks for the Top 20 although Yellow and Two for the Show would't be in my Top 20.
Thanks again.

However, that's a real shame. Both episodes are absolutely outstanding in almost every way (I hated the fake-looking mutilated bodies in "Show" though). As a matter of fact, "Two for the Show" really is one of the best nightmare scenarios in the show's run. And the characters were portrayed perfectly to carry that out and make it truly horrifying. And, considering an at least equally great evil prevails at the close of the episode (much the same as I think it might have in "Split Second"), the episode has a chilling feeling that the nightmare continues. It takes a simple idea of murder as a one-up and surrounds you with it. They could have played it as "Shock! Gasp!" etc, in the cartoony way it did in other episodes (of course: "Whirlpool" is suspect #1) without going as far with the music and they thought: we can do better. We can do more. It's easily one of the best episodes at keeping the tension strong throughout the entire episode. It's smart and uncomfortably right on-the-button from minute 1. I guess in this case, I'd have to call it vastly underrated.

Since I ranked it at #8 and you tell me it wouldn't make your 20, I'm bound to say I can't think of 12 episodes (which didn't rank higher on my list) that are better than it (though I certainly wouldn't argue hard on "What's Cookin'"). But, hey: if you can hold tight to as strong a conviction as I have for ranking it this high for why you wouldn't- more power to you.

Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
I remember Yellow being very good, but not necessarily a good Tales From The Crypt episode. Kind of like King Of The Road, it feels out of place. But on it's own, it is very good. Definitely a controversial pick for number 1, though.
I don't think so. Rhett had just as many praises for it as I did. And it also ranked #2 on Cinemassacre's list. It's been consistently hailed as one of the show's best episodes since it aired and probably has the highest technical score on any site that allows users to rate the episodes. Right now, it beats "Television Terror" on IMDb .4 points. Which is my way of saying I think most viewers saw the horror of it too. And as for how "out of place" it feels... I also disagree. In fact, I suppose shy of sexual content (which Rhett certainly believes was an integral part of the show), I think I could easily argue it's The Quintessential Crypt episode. It depicts human evil, gives us an epic, deeply personal betrayal, there's a surprising amount of gore, and the tension level is off the charts.

Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
I'll try to avoid spoilers here, but if Two For The Show is the episode involving a train and a gruesome discovery in a suitcase, then it was the very first Tales From The Crypt episode I ever saw, way back when it originally aired. It's definitely a personal favorite in those regards, but for some reason it isn't one I watch very often, which is why I'm not entirely positive if it is even the correct episode I'm thinking of. But seeing it as a young child, that macabre twist ending was a disturbing visual that I have never forgotten.

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