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Anybody catch last night’s episode? Probably my least favorite episode this season…way too much Andrea. It also felt like the biggest “filler” episode out of the bunch.

And I know it’s probably going to happen anyway, but Rick would be stupid as hell to let Andrea rejoin his group. She’s been against him since day one…she sided with Shane (after banging him) half the time, and then she said “fuck you!” to him when she went to Woodbury (to continue banging the Governor), even AFTER finding out about Lori and Little Asskicker…and now she' finally starting to see Woodbury and the Governor aren’t really what they seem and want’s back in the prison? Shiiiit…I wouldn’t trust her at all. Fucken bitch, fucken trader.

Andrea was pretty fuckin hot on the Talking Dead though…lol…so is Maggie. Good Lord…fiiiiiiiiiine.

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