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Originally Posted by shape22 View Post
I understand how you feel about Chaney. Larry Talbot becomes pretty insufferable in the sequels. I still think he's on the right side of sympathetic in the original. It's a difficult role--far more demanding than the leads in most of these films. I think it's a damn fine performance.
Yeah, the later roles could have tainted my view of the original. I can't recall ever really being a Wolf Man fan to begin with. (I was a regular Franky fan) Plus Evelyn Ankers didn't much like Chaney as according to her he couldn't seem to keep his hands to himself. So now whenever I watch those two together it makes me somewhat uncomfortable; that doesn't leave much to enjoy beyond the excellent production design.

Not to turn this into a Chaney bash, I'll also say he's excellent with Abbot and Costello. His comic timing in the locker room sequence and ability to play off them probably makes that his all time best scene. They say being the straight man is toughest and he nails it. Plus he's now parodying his earlier performances which makes it easier to go with. It's unfortunate we didn't get many other comedic roles like Spider Baby.
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