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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
Plus Evelyn Ankers didn't much like Chaney as according to her he couldn't seem to keep his hands to himself. So now whenever I watch those two together it makes me somewhat uncomfortable.

Not to turn this into a Chaney bash, I'll also say he's excellent with Abbot and Costello. His comic timing in the locker room sequence and ability to play off them probably makes that his all time best scene. They say being the straight man is toughest and he nails it. Plus he's now parodying his earlier performances which makes it easier to go with. It's unfortunate we didn't get many other comedic roles like Spider Baby.
Tom Weaver has plenty to say about Chaney and Ankers in The Wolf Man commentary. I was amazed to hear how much they disliked each other. They show a lot of chemistry together and really sell some scenes that could have induced groans or laughs. That said, I understand what you're saying 100%. Their relationship anchors the film. And if those scenes don't work for you it isn't nearly as involving.

I've always loved A & C Meet Frankenstein. That locker room scene is really classic stuff.

"When the moon rises I'll turn into a wolf."

"Yeah, you and 20 million other guys!"

If Chaney wasn't such an effective straight man the jokes in that film wouldn't be nearly as effective. I love the fact that both he and Lugosi play things deadly straight throughout that movie (Strange too, but his part is practically a cameo). Despite the additional years Lugosi is so good as Dracula that it depresses me that Universal hosed him and cast John Carradine in the House of... flicks. It's a true shame that Lugosi got so few opportunities to act in quality projects. Even in the most piss-poor Monogram productions he brought something special to the table.

It makes me happy to see how many of you guys appreciate the Universal classics. Most people I know don't get them at all. Their loss.
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