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Originally Posted by shape22 View Post
I love the fact that both he and Lugosi play things deadly straight throughout that movie (Strange too, but his part is practically a cameo). Despite the additional years Lugosi is so good as Dracula that it depresses me that Universal hosed him and cast John Carradine in the House of... flicks. It's a true shame that Lugosi got so few opportunities to act in quality projects. Even in the most piss-poor Monogram productions he brought something special to the table.
Wasn't Lugosi &/or Chaney opposed to Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein because the film made light of the characters? I know it's bizarre, but I always loved the look of Glenn Strange's Monster in that film. I know his performance was wooden, but he just looked so damn cool. In fact, my favorite of all the moments in all of the Frankenstein films was when Strange's fist busts through the door and grabs Lou Costello by the side of the head followed by him knocking the door down. Good stuff.
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