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March, so far. (Not counting a few VHS tapes.)

Attack the Block (Sony) - Blu Ray
Catch the Heat (MGM)
Christine (Twilight Time) - Blu Ray
End of the Road (Warner)
Expectations / Confessions (Vinegar Syndrome)
Following (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Fury, The (Twilight Time) - Blu Ray
I, Marquis De Sade (Retromedia)
Joshua Tree (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Mondo Candido (Camera Obscura) - Austria
Nameless, The (Echo Bridge) - Blu Ray
Navajo Joe (Koch) - Germany Blu Ray
Nest of Vipers / Tails You Lose (Wild East)
Nest, The (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Night of the Demons 2 (Olive) - Blu Ray
Oasis of the Zombies (Redemption) - Blu Ray
Prison (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Qatsi Trilogy, The (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Savage Water / Death by Invitation (Vinegar Syndrome)
Slayground (Anchor Bay)
Sudden Death / Live a Little, Steal a Lot (Inception)
Survival of the Dead (Magnolia) - Blu Ray
Terror Express (Camera Obscura) - Austria
TerrorVision / The Video Dead (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Trouble Man (Fox)
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Magnolia) - Blu Ray
Vampires' Night Orgy, The / Dr. Jekyll vs. the Werewolf (Code Red)
Zombie Lake (Redemption) - Blu Ray
Zulu Dawn (Severin) - Blu Ray
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