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Iīm a HUGE fan of Psycho, and I didnīt think is was bad at all. I liked the actor who played Norman, and the scene with the dead body and the cops in the motel room had a bit of an Hitchcock vibe to it.

And even though it has been moved into modern times, itīs still kinda a prequel as itīs the same house, motel, characters and the beginning of the madness.

I was worried during the first 5 minutes that they would change it all by using a new setting (since it opened with Norman and his mother living in another house), but gladly they built an almost perfect replica of the house and motel from the original Psycho movies.

Iīm chocked that I hadnīt even heard ANYTHING about this, and just stubled upon the pilot episode yesterday, so maybe I liked it because I hadnīt had a chanse to build up any expectations.
Even though it had some teen-oriented crap in it, it seems like there will be enough of material for us older viewers as well. And Normanīs mother sure is a MILF hehe

I will continue to watch and see if it goes into the direction Iīm hoping for, with the descent into murder and mayhem, leading up to the events in the Hitchcock classic.

Sure, I would have loved it if it was set back in the 50:s, but Iīll live
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