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Two weeks later... Slasher Design finally decides to issue an apology (of sorts)...

"I would like to apologize to any and all that have either been affected, offended, or unsatisfied with any of my work. There was never any deceptive or malicious intent in mind. Having been working in art/design for nearly ten years and playing in a band for a majority of that earlier on, I was never made aware that some of the way I’ve worked and the work I had done was looked down upon. In portions of my work I often utilize a technique that I first learned in design school and eventually had heard of doing from other artists early on as well as of late… one in which you take a reference piece, paint over it and/or alter it to make it your own. When doing this it was always my intention to alter it enough to be considered my own. However, I understand that is a blurry line, and one I never wanted to cross. This is definitely a learning experience and my focus now is to evolve and for this to no longer be an issue. Again, I’m truly sorry for any pain I have caused."
I'm sorry but most instances were CLEARLY cut and paste jobs and not just "painted over" references.
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