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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
I remember Yellow being very good, but not necessarily a good Tales From The Crypt episode. Kind of like King Of The Road, it feels out of place. But on it's own, it is very good. Definitely a controversial pick for number 1, though.
That's how I feel as well, they aren;t bad episodes, Yellow is actually very good, just doesn't feel like a Tales from the Crypt episode to me.

But again, as mentioned earlier it's because those two along with Showdown were originally a part of a different suspense anthology series "Two-Fisted Tales" that unfortunately never made it past the pilot episode. So the pilot episode along with the two others were moved to and became Tales from the Crypt episodes.

Here's some more info about the "Two-Fisted Tales" show,

"In 1991, the comic book was adapted for a TV pilot by producers Joel Silver, Richard Donner, Robert Zemeckis and others. Apart from an opening montage of covers from the comic book and use of comic's logo, the pilot had little connection with Kurtzman's creation. In imitation of EC's horror books, the hour-long anthology drama featured ghostly gunfighter Mr. Rush (Bill Sadler) as a host and a device to connect the segments, although Kurtzman's war-adventure stories had never been introduced by a host. Two of the stories, "Showdown" and "King of the Road," were original scripts and not adaptations from EC (although Showdown did share a title with a story from issue 37). The third story, "Yellow," was adapted from a story written by Al Feldstein and illustrated by Jack Davis for the first issue of EC's Shock SuspenStories. The pilot had a single telecast, generating little interest, and all three segments were later extracted to become individual episodes of HBO's Tales From The Crypt television series. The cast included Kirk Douglas, Brad Pitt and Dan Aykroyd."
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