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Ok, on to season 2 (or as much of it as i've seen at this point):

Dead Right
- this one was neither here nor there. Jeffrey Tambor's makeup is pretty fake looking, and while I liked his performance, there wasn't much that the character did that was interesting. he's just kind of a one-note slob. I've never been a huge fan of Demi Moore, but I must admit that she looked pretty damn good in that skimpy waitress outfit. i liked that this was a period piece, but it felt like they never actually took advantage of that in terms of the story. i mean, was there any element of the story that actually REQUIRED it to be set in that period? Both rhett and DVDF thought pretty highly of this episode, but it didn't grab me that much. not "bad" at all, but maybe the whole advancement-at-any-cost feme fatale storyline just doesn't do much for me.

The Switch
- this is another one that i realized i had seen long ago. i particularly remembered the shot of the buff guy with the old legs in the beach change room. i enjoyed the episode, even though each plot point is quite obvious. its not terribly disturbing or upsetting (hell, nobody even dies), in fact its played like a comic fantasy with a "ba-dum-tsh!" rim-shot type twist at the very end. its certainly fun to watch, although the best part of the episode is Arnold's cameo during the opening segment. I love his delivery of the title line.

Cutting Cards
- I love this episode. Flat out, LOVE it. I was laughing out loud throughout the final 5 minutes. its so over-the-top, so go-for-broke, and the performances are so great, there's not too much I can say about it. Of all the episodes i've watched so far, this has definitely been my favorite. Or, at least tied with ...And All Through the House.

'Till Death
- I tend to side a bit more with rhett than with DVDF...I thought this episode had some great effects, but the overall story was a bit of a let down. The location had me thinking of I Walked with a Zombie, but that's pretty much superior in every way to this. DVDF is right about the "on fire" line, it is a pretty good one, in retrospect. The DW Moffat character is quite the idiot, though. the voodoo priestess told him what one or two drops would do. i was expecting him to miscount, like Ash traveling forward in time, but no, he just dumps the whole fucking bottle in her drink. damn, that's some brazen stupidity.
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