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Horror Movie Summer Camp Lets You Live Out A Slasher Flick

Found this interesting article. Thought I'd share:

Ever wondered how you'd fare in a slasher flick like Friday the 13th or Scream? Do you think you'd break into full badass mode and save the day, be the first one to die, or be that inevitable scumbag that betrays his friends to save his own neck (and then still dies anyway)? Those of you in the Los Angeles area (or those willing to travel there) can find out courtesy of the Great Horror Campout, a summer camp that lets you live the horror movie experience, without having to die at the end, of course.
The campout will take place over the 7th and 8th of June, in the Los Angeles State Historic Park. "[the camp is an] overnight, immersive experience that puts campers into an interactive horror camping adventure. Whether campers decide to stay in their tents or venture into the darkness, they are fair game. You will be lured out of your tent one way or another," says the camp organizers.
Full story:

I would definitely go if I'd lived in the States
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