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Originally Posted by Mutilated Prey View Post
It's not just that they are set in the present, but as you watch from the beginning you have the feeling it is actually set in the 50's based on clothes and cars. Then suddenly you see a bunch of hot chachas's playing with their SmartPhones. It's a shock that makes you like "wtf?".

Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
That was exactly the impression I got, when the cell phones and the techno style music in the girls' car started up it was like being transported into a different show entirely for me.
In the beginning when Norman is running for his mother (after he finds his father) he runs past a modern tv, you can see it in the background...of course this could have just ended up as a set dressing gaff if the show wasn't set in modern day! I think the ambiguity of timeline in the beginning was purposeful though!
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